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Gainesville Sun:

“Superior songwriting, intimate and soulful…”
“Inventive acoustic guitar playing and ear-catching lyrics”
“Knizley borrows from English performers such as Nick Drake and Richard Thompson for a unique guitar sound to craft his intricate lyrics around.”
“Knizley’s intimate and soulful music inspires listeners both young and old, and his deft fingerpicking guitar work combines well with a strong voice and superior songwriting.”
“Monster Guitar, full of intensity… “
“Well written lyrics…deep imagery, betrays a poets leaning…”
“Superior songwriting, intimate and soulful…”
“Knizley’s music inspires listeners both young and old.“

Pensacola Independent News:

“A guitar wizard…”

Flagpole (Athens, GA):

“Singer-songwriter Knizley crafts sharp, emotionally charged lyrics over chord-heavy acoustic guitar work. Damn good stuff.”

Moon Magazine:

“Something tells me that this guy will put on one hell of a show.”

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